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Warren, New Jersey

My well-lit studio is a place that inspires creativity in a calm, but stimulating environment. The main workroom has extensive storage in it's two areas, 4 cutting stations, a grinder, and 2 huge sturdy tables to accomodate 10 students more than comfortably. The 9' light table allows for great viewing of transparent glass. Storage cabinets and counters line the walls. Glass storage is in a separate area. Powder class is held in a closed, specially ventilated room built for filtering out particulate matter from the air.


The kiln room contains 12 kilns for all shapes and sized projects. It is also the storage area for our extensive mold collection. There is thirteenth kiln for small pieces and vitrigraph.


The coldworking room houses three diamond flat-laps, 8", 12" and 24", 2 grinders, a trim saw, a ring saw, a band saw, a 30" reciprolap, a Spatzier lathe, a double polisher/buffer, and two sandblasting cabinets. Diamond hand pads are also available for use.


The wet room contains a wet belt sander, a 10" wet saw, a Foredom hand drill, an angle grinder, and seperate bins containing loose grit for hand lapping on the sturdy waterproof worktable.


For holding classes, this space is ideal. For creating art, it is a glass artist's dream!

Unique! One-Of-A-Kind!

Check out my Art Glass studio pieces. All my art is unique. Some of these pieces can be copied, but no two will be exactly the same. If you see something you like that has been sold, please contact me to discuss options.

My art glass is prominently displayed in the gallery. If you'd like to see my glass in person, please call for an appointment to visit.

Custom Designs

We are now taking commissions for architectural installations. Please call us to discuss your project.

Are you looking for a unique place setting for your table or a special personalized gift?


I can design a unique one-of-a-kind mold for your place setting or create personalized gifts to your specifications.


Please contact me directly to discuss other design options.


I'm sure you'll find that perfect piece! 








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